Why is Hot Pink the Only Color I Want to Wear This Summer?

Let’s make one thing very, very clear: I do not wear color. It’s not that I don’t like color, it’s that wearing color brings with it an entirely new set of issues than wearing the same palette of black, white, navy, and gray seems to. Color implies that you actually have to coordinate pieces, think about the matching vs. clashing debate, and figure out what colors look good on you vs. what colors will make you look pale or sick.

Wearing black has been a comfort zone for me since senior year of high school. I once toured an university in North Carolina, home of the khakis and seersucker, in a pair of black ripped jeans, a repurposed army jacket that said “I Hate Everyone” on the back — I was ‘edgy’ back then — and a back turtleneck.

But this season, hot pink seems to be absolutely everywhere, and it’s calling my name. Actually, it’s shouting my name. From a rooftop. With enough volume to start a landslide somewhere. I need it.

So, in an effort to differentiate my summer wardrobe from my winter one, I’m leaning into it. Below please find a list of all the items I will either add or have already added to my colorful summer wardrobe.