This is the Most Important Product in my Skincare Routine.

This winter was a real doozy when it came to the weather. Some days were so warm that I could get away with a light coat, and others had me reaching for my parka.

And no one felt that drastic shift harder than my skin. The constant changes left feeling tight and raw. I broke out in dry patches across my chin while at the same time breaking out in a series of pimples across my chin and cheeks. There was a period of time between September and March where my skin was in a constant state of acne: more acne than I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I tried everything from the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to a series of hydrating and calming masks from the likes of Fresh and Drunk Elephant. I incorporated glycolic peals and a low-grade retinol that ended up causing more acne and redness. The drying cream caused my acne to scar, and the hydrating masks left my skin oily. I have had sensitive, dry skin my entire life. I’ve never really had acne to begin with – only the odd hormonal breakout that would go away after that time of the month. Never anything that would last more than a week, let alone a near month.

I decided to go on a makeup no-buy until my skin calmed down so I could see exactly what was causing the problems. But then the Sephora VIB sale came along, and I finally had the money to purchaser the only mask I had really been lusting after since its release more than a year ago: the Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask.

The mask boasts a multitude of claims, from plumping dehydrated skin to giving skin a healthy flow. My skin was neither plump nor glowing. And so I forgot about my shrinking bank account for just long enough to hit ‘Purchase.’

I have never seen my skin change as quickly as it did with this mask. The formula — which smells and looks like honey — warms up on contact. It cleans deeply without stripping my skin. It burned the edges of my nose as I was rubbing it off, but that was to be expected. My nose has been taking a real hit from allergy season. When I removed it, my skin was noticeably less red. I didn’t think much of it: my skin looks calm after a good long time in the shower, too. But it never lasts long.

Except it did this time. My skin dried off, and the redness remained at bay. When I applied my nighttime oil, it seemed to skin in faster, and didn’t leave the top layer of my skin feeling oily as it had in the past. In the morning, my skin glowed even before I applied my makeup. My scars, which had been so dark only the day before, now appeared shades lighter. The two active pimples I did have had shrunk down entirely.

I used it once again two nights later, and my skin felt, and looked, even better. There was the same warming feeling, but no burning around the nose. It left the same glow, the same softness, and my oil seeped in the same way. Now, I am happy to say it’s a frequent part of my skincare routine.

Have you guys tried this before? Let me know in the comments!