Consider Yourself A Part of The Broke Buyers Club

Welcome to #BrokeBuyersClub, a seasonal edit where I compile all the items I wish I had the money to purchase. I spend the majority of my free time browsing the inter web in the hopes that $300 will magically appear in my checking account. But alas, I am an unemployed post-grad who is financially cut-off and forced to pay rent.

This idea came mostly out of a need to remember everything I love so that, one the money comes rolling in, I’ll know exactly where to go. But then a bunch of my friends started asking me where I get my clothes from, so maybe this will help someone else, too. This will also help future-me decide what I actually love and what is just piquing my interest on a Saturday afternoon.

Let’s begin…

  1. I’ve been lusting after these Adidas Continental 80s since my boyfriend bought himself a pair in June. Adidas runs pretty big, and I often find that I have to shop in the children’s section, which is equal parts economically helpful and embarrassing. But, to my dismay, Adidas decided that children shouldn’t get to wear cool sneakers, and didn’t make the Continental 80s in a size 4. I ended up settling for these Reeboks over the summer. But then Adidas had the NERVE to email me this morning to let me know that they do, in fact, come in children’s sizes now!! For $65 instead of $80! I am heartbroken. They come in pink too, which might be a nice break from my vast collection of white and black sneakers. I will probably buy these.
  2. I’ve been looking for a good pair of black pumps, and this Sam Edelman pair might do the trick. My mom bought me a pair for Christmas a few years ago in nude, but they were a half a size too big and I ended up selling them to my friend Kate, who now wears them all the time. The heal isn’t too high which means I (probably) won’t fall while wearing them. I will also probably buy these.
  3. Now that I’m an #adult, I probably need more clothes that are suitable for the office and not just for my part-time internship. I’ve also been trying to add more skirts into my closet so that I don’t have to wash my jeans as often. This one from And Other Stories is super basic and looks like that Realisation Par skirt that everyone and their mother had over summer, but for less money. I’m only 5’2 so midi skirts can be a challenge, but I will make it work somehow.
  4. Reformation is on a quest to steal all my money. I bought one dress from them two years ago and it fit me better than anything I had put on my body ever. I’m slightly exaggerating, but the point still stands. Their stuff is good quality (mostly), somewhat affordable, and eco-friendly! Shopping I can feel great about! I’ve been eyeing this top for a while — it feels like the kind of thing my boobs would look okay in, which is a huge plus when you have size 32D’s and nothing fits. I enjoy this one for the same reason.
  5. Another brand that’s on a quest to take everything from me? AllSaints. Someone please tell me to never go in to any AllSaints locations after I’ve been paid. I have a thing for black boots, and these really did me in when I saw them in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. I really don’t need another pair, but these might look good with the aforementioned And Other Stories skirt, and it’s really time to replace a patent leather pair in my collection. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least.

I don’t want this list go get crazy long (I could seriously keep going) so I’m going to stop myself at 5. Honorable mentions include these jeans from The Kooples, and this slip dress from Reformation.