The Lipstick that makes me want to wear lipstick

I hate lipstick. I, for as long as I’ve ever even thought about putting makeup on, have hated the idea of putting it on. I am someone who enjoys eating and drinking without thinking, and lipstick — and lip gloss, for that matter — always felt too complicated for my lifestyle choices. I didn’t want to have to spend time in the mirror adjusting lip liner and checking if my red or pink color of choice had smudged due to an overeager bite. We’ve all seen that bit in Clueless where Cher and Dion makeover their teacher, Ms. Geist. I will never forget seeing that movie for the first time, seeing the lipstick on Ms. Geist’s teeth and thinking nope, not me!

Also, I have stuttered for as long as I can remember, so drawing attention to my mouth is not necessarily my go-to move. Why make the focal point of your look something you despise?

But then I found MAC’s Powder Kiss lipstick in “Shocking Revelation.” I’m garbage at swatches, so please refer to Temptalia for all photo needs.

I didn’t think my first real flirtation with lipstick would be a cool-toned, super pigmented red. Matte lipsticks I’ve swatched in the past have a tendency to be drying, and tend to flake off my lips within an hour of my wearing them. This one fades from the center out, leaving my lips with a bitten stain. I apply it straight from the bullet, and I didn’t find that it clung to any dry patches. I followed it up with a lip liner to fill in any inconsistencies in my lip line, kissed the excess into a tissue, and off I went! It also doesn’t look super flat like other formulas have in the past.

I’ve worn this color every day of the past week. It makes me feel like an actual real adult. I’ve spent so much time perfecting my eyeshadow blending skills and my cat-eye flick (which is still garbage, I should add) that I didn’t realize how unbalanced my makeup looked. Now, I can feel a bit more put together without having to spend ten years blending a matte brown into my crease.

Is this enough to make me a lipstick girl? I don’t know. Only time will tell if this shade will be my go-to forever, my one true lipstick love. But part of me really wants it to.