Black Friday Is Stupid, But Here Is What I Would Buy

Let it be known that I hate Black Friday #content. I hate the idea of spending an entire day either online in your bedroom or on line in real life just to score something that was already expensive for a little bit less than normal. We’ve all seen the videos of Walmart and Target shoppers piling over each other to buy some flat screen TVs. No thanks. I’m a small person with a great propensity to trip and fall. One trip to Target and you would never hear me again.

Maybe I’m bitter, and maybe my budget doesn’t allow for me to experience this “holiday” for what it is. My kind of Black Friday is a one-and-done experience. I’m honestly too tired after Thanksgiving to even put a bra on, but I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sites I have to scour in order to get the best deal.

But, now that I’ve had a second to sit in my bed and.catch up on sleep, here is what I would have bought from today’s sales. Cyber Monday, WYA??

AllSaints Kowlo Dress 









Remember when I said Black Friday was a one-and-done deal? This was my one and only pick. It was a bit of an odd choice for me considering I hate wearing dresses. But, as a young adult in today’s workplace, I need to start building a wardrobe. I imagined taking important meetings in this dress. It made me feel like a real adult, which not many items in my wardrobe do.

AQUA Seamed Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater 










When I think of building out a luxe adult wardrobe, I think of cashmere sweaters. I just imagine trading in my polyester blends for something that feels expensive, even if its not. AQUA is one of my favorite brands — the items are cut small and last forever. When I saw this sweater in Bloomingdales this afternoon, I was actually upset that I couldn’t afford it.

The Kooples Suit Jacket with Sequin Trim 










Goddamn you, The Kooples, for making clothes that I so desperately want!! This suit jacket is perfect. Remember when I said I don’t like wearing dresses? It’s because I find suits so much sexier. It is my dream one day to wear a suit over top of a perfectly lacy bra or body suit. My body is nowhere near ready for it needs to be for that type of thing, but a girl can dream, right?

The Kooples Dual Material Black Boots


I don’t need another pair of black boots, but I think I might make an exception for these. Not only are they my favorite brand (told you The Kooples is perfect!!!), but I’ve been looking for something a little chunkier for this holiday season, and these check all my boxes. They’re not leather for one, which fills a hole that I have sort of created for myself. They’re slim to the ankle, and won’t make my feet look like boats like Doc  Martens tend to do.

Citizens of Humanity Rocket Leatherette High Rise Skinny Jeans










I held these in my hands today, carried them around the store, pondered over the t00-long dressing room line, and laid them to rest on my way out into the cold. I have had such a hankering for leather and leather-look jeans this season. I’m currently struggling between investing in a pair that I know I’ll love forever and trying to see whether or not these specific jeans should be the ones I spend my money on. My mind is telling me me no, but my hands are telling me an entirely different story. They’re butter smooth and full of stretch to suck in whatever bloating I have going on. Oh, but why are they almost $300? Not even a 50% off discount could put them in my cart. #sad!

And there you have it — a shortened and edited list of all the things I have been lusting over. Now accepting Venmo and PayPal.