What Julia Wore: Kicking Monday’s Ass

We’re really getting into the dog days of summer: Days feel longer, work feels harder, and I’m feeling a bit more uninspired in the sartorial department. This general boredom lead to one Sunday night facetime session with the boyfriend.

It went a little something like this:

Gatsby: your outfits kind of suck recently. You look bored.

Me: I am bored.

This lead to an hour and a half of pulling everything out of my closet and putting it with something that I would never have thought to pair it with previously: mixing patterns, changing fabrics, deciding that some things just don’t work anymore.

So I came up with this wonderful Monday Outfit. I felt good and my mom said I looked good, so I guess it’s a real win win.

Top is ~vintage Zara~. I’ve had this thing since, like, 2011.

Bottoms  are Topshop from last summer. Here is something similar 

Shoes are also ~vintage~, but this time from Urban Outfitters. Here is something similar. 



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