Reformation just relaunched their Petites Collection, and I’m shook

If it feels like I’ve been skimming my emails a lot recently, it’s because it’s true. Hotmail updated itself a few weeks ago to split my inbox into two halves: focused emails, and everything else. When the focused half runs low, its the ‘everything else’ bit that I devour. It’s like a goldmine of in-office procrastination: REVOLVE, MANREPELLER, COVETEUR, and, the highlight of this most recent weekend, REFORMATION.

Reformation is dangerous for someone like me who is constantly budgeting to make room in my wallet for lunch. It’s easy to get lost on their site full of ethically-made and impossibly-cute dresses, pants, and tops.

The rabbit hole just got a little deeper because they just released — permanently, I might add — their petites collection.

It’s hard for me — a girl with a DD bust size and a 5’2 frame — to find clothes that fit. Everything is either too busty and tight or too childlike. I end up reaching for oversized button downs and smock dresses simply because those are the clothes that don’t make me feel like a porn star. But there’s something about Reformation that gets it right. It’s cut small but also tailored perfectly, with the right amount of stretch. I already own their Moxie Dress which I plan to wear to an upcoming summer wedding. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a better fitting dress, period.

The petites collection is specifically designed for girls my size and, while I may eschew their more backless items, I am all kinds of here for the array of cotton pants and jeans that will, budget allowing, make  their way into my wardrobe this summer.

Blessed be the 5’4 gods. Now I won’t feel too bad that I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.



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