SOS I want everything from Reformation but I can’t afford anything.

I was late to hop on the Reformation train. I didn’t even look at the site until this past spring, when I was on the hunt for a jumpsuit to wear to my boyfriend sister’s wedding.

I came across the Cozumel Jumpsuit and I think it changed my life.

I mean, LOOK at it:

It’s really unreal, actually. Here’s another POV.

It’s literally everything I’ve ever wanted in a jumpsuit

  1. bomb color
  2. not too low of a v-neck (I have boobs that like to show up uninvited
  3. no funky spagetti strap sleeves that make my boobs look double their original size (TL;DR: my boobs are too big for everything)

It really was perfect. I could even justify the $218 price tag by saying I would also be able to wear it to brunch (under a leather jacket), to a memorial day bbq (in all it’s patriotic glory), or to another perfectly-themed event that was neither too formal for a t-shirt but too informal for an actual dress (read: her wedding is a Friday night, semi-casual affair, so I needed something to fit in with that theme).

BUT, because I have no self control, I continued scrolling.

This is dangerous because I currently have $80 dollars in my bank account.

I realized then and there in my bedroom that reformation is perfect and I want all of it.

Like this perfect sundress: 

Or either of these perfect tops:

Or finally, this dress that is literally made for women who were boobs.

I need to stop myself before I overdraft my card (again) (for the second time this month) (all due to these Sam Edelman shoes)

Thanks, Obama.



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