What Julia Wears: Mali-booyah

With spring break in full swing and the rest of my roommates #living in Cabo, Gatsby and I found ourselves with an empty house and an even emptier schedule.

It was already well past noon by the time we managed to get ourselves out of bed and into his car. The temperature lingered too low for a beach day, but too hot for a day spent indoors. In classic us fashion, brunch came before everything, followed by a little siesta. By the time we actually made plans, the sky had just began to change shades. With nothing to do and a restless attitude, we drove up PCH until finding Amarillo beach, a semi-private beach tucked between two mega-mansion beach houses.

A quick trip to Ralph’s brought a bottle of sparkling apple cider a la the kids table at Christmas dinner, and plopped ourselves down.

Copper bomber jacket: Topshop

‘Colorado’ tee-shirt: Brandy Melville

 Jeans: “Jamie”, Topshop 

Sneakers: Adidas UltraBoost X 

Glasses: “Percey,” Warby Parker. 


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