Review: Tony Moly “I’m Real!” Aloe Mask Sheet

Monday’s trip to Fairfax ended with Gat and I in the beauty section of Urban Outfitters. He’s been really into face masks recently, leading us into LUSH about twice a week. Let it be known that I am not complaining. I think it’s damn hilarious that my boyfriend is more into keeping his skin clear than I am.

A little bit about my skin: It’s dry, sensitive, and red on most days. My usual face wash is the Cerave Hydrating Facial Wash, which I apply as more of a hot cloth cleanser. I swap out moisturizers between the Glossier Priming Moisturizer and the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich, depending on how my skin is feeling that day. I try to add SPF whenever I can but, to be honest, it’s probably the step I most often skip. I don’t use eye creams just yet, and masks serve as a treat-yo-self moment rather than a regular occurrence.

Which is why I happened upon the TonyMoly “I’m Real!” Sheet masks.

The masks are on sale for $3 at Urban Outfitters, and feature formulas for nearly every skin type. I picked up four: lemon for brightening, red wine to minimize pores, aloe for skin soothing, and rice paper for skin clearing.

I went for the aloe one today following a rather rough day at the beach that left me with a burnt backside — the entire thing, head to toe. My skin was feeling irritated, and aloe felt like an obvious choice.

I’ve never used a sheet mask before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I enlisted Gat to do it with me incase something goes horribly wrong. I asked if he would still love me even if my face grew irritated. He said sure, and so we began….

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The masks were wet and heavy, but did a good job of sticking to the face. They slipped a bit around the jawline, leaving my jawline sopping. I have a fairly sensitive jawline, so the itching I felt wasn’t out of the ordinary. The shape of the sheet was too tiny for Gat, but worked well for me. Both masks smelled yummy, and felt instantly cooling once applied.

RESULTS: It said to leave the mask on for twenty minutes, but I took mine off closer to the 15-minute mark, as the itching around my jawline had grown a bit unbearable. However, it vanished the second I removed the mask and massaged the excess liquid (serum?) into my skin. It sunk in instantly and left my skin looking virtually red-ness free and noticeably brighter and softer.

I have yet to try the brightening version, but I’m worried the lemon might be too harsh for my skin, so we’ll have to see.

As for Gat’s red-wine mask intended for pore-reduction, I’d say it too was a success. His skin looked noticeably less red and irritated around the breakout spots across his forehead, and the pores on his cheeks and upper nose were noticeably less visible. The mask was too small for him in the nose, so the bottom — and more pore-heavy— bit went uncovered and therefore a bit less treated than the others.

Here’s a cute Photobooth selfie of Gat and I with our squeaky-clean faces!

WOULD  I TRY IT AGAIN? For $3? Sure. I’m not jumping at the chance to use it again, but I do think it might be good to keep on hand for days when I’m nursing a hangover or after another rough day in the sun. Stay tuned for my post about the brightening version!




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