Abroad on Film

My favorite part of abroad was traveling with my boyfriend, Gatsby. Aside from being the love of my young life, he’s also an unreal photographer (although I might be a little biased). Lucky for me, I had him following me around for the twelve weeks with his film camera, and these are my favorites.

While he studied in Budapest and I in London, we met up almost every weekend during our time in Europe. We ate bread in Paris and waffles in Belgium, had the best-ever burgers in Amsterdam, walked around Copenhagen in the rain, celebrated my 21st birthday in Florence, went to Wembley for a Tottenham Hotspur game in London, and took baths in Budapest. These are the images he chose to save.

Taken everywhere from London to Budapest to Paris, I can’t think of a better way to display his work

Like what you see? Follow Gatsby here and bother him until he posts more photos.


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