Spring Break, Sun, and…Snow?

I went to the Air + Style festival – Here’s what you need to know

Yesterday, a group of friends and I made the very spontaneous decision to attend the Air + Style festival in Pasadena, California. The event, hosted by ex-olympian Shaun White, brought snow and sun together (er..fake snow due to the seventy eight degree weather) for the two event. The event boasted music heavy hitters like EDM producer Diplo and rap giant Kendrick Lamar alongside smaller indie acts such as White’s own band, Bad Things and duo Phantogram. Each act was separated with events on the single 16-story slope in the center of the festival grounds, where the best of the best in snowboarding showed off their skills.

(PS: Who knew that Shaun White played the guitar and was no longer the “flying tomato”???”)

While snowboarding is cool and all, I had to say I was there for Diplo. I’d seen him only once before on New Years Eve, and it was safe to say it was hands down the best of the New Year (too soon…?) and I’d been dying to see him again. We waited in the second row all day for his 5:30 set, and despite almost dying thanks to the people behind us, the show was amazing and Diplo didn’t disappoint. Despite playing nearly the same set as he did on New Years Eve,  he proved once again why he’s on top of the EDM scene right now.

Kendrick was a different story. Despite having some of the top rap songs of the year with “Collard Greens”, “Bitch Don’t Kill my Vibe”, and “M.A.A.D City”, his show left me wanting more. This could be due to the fact that he only sang two songs (“B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “M.A.A.D City”) and a featured rap from another (A$AP Rocky’s “F*CK’in Problem”), or the fact that his set got shut down an hour early due to noise complaints. Thank you, town of Pasadena. He sang the same songs in rotation for the hour he was on stage, which was fine until he yelled “Ya Ya Ya Ya!” for the fifth time in a row.

Dressing for festivals is never easy: you have to be warm enough when walking around, but cool enough when you’re in the front row surrounded by hundreds of sweaty bodies. I settled on black disco pants, a white crop top, and a flannel tied around my waist, along with a pair of dark green rubber converse.




Top: Necessary Clothing

Disco Pants: Topshop

Flannel: LF

Converse: Urban Outfitters




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