Hot Damn Delta Gamm

Your girl joined a sorority hey hey

This weekend has been one of the longest of my entire life. Between endless amounts of girl flirting and tireless hours of running around in heels, I’ve officially gotten a bid and am no longer what you would call a potential new member, but a real actual member of a real actual sorority!

Life works out for the best in every situation. If it’s not okay, it really isn’t the end.  After being dropped from my two tops on the third and final day of recruitment, I was heartbroken. Dreams of being in my “dream sorority” were gone, and a new  reality to attend to. One complete with “D” and “G” and pink and blue and anchors. I made it through the pref ceremony looking for that “inner feeling” that would let me know that this was “the one.” After not feeling much of anything besides hurt, I nearly dropped out all together. Thank God for my lovely advisor who told me to accept it and move on. I told myself for hours that sorority life wasn’t for me. I told myself I wouldn’t be happy unless I got what I originally wanted. Looking back, that all seems so dumb now. I am so incredibly happy. The process, no matter how crazy it seems, is perfect and actually works out for everyone involved. It took tears and laughs for me to figure this out, but I’m so happy I did.

I accepted the bid, went to bid night, and had the time of my life. Every single girl was so happy and excited to meet me that I couldn’t help but get a little hype too. I spent the night dancing and eating ice cream with my new sisters – most of whom I’d never seen around campus – and thoroughly realizing that this was the place for me. Normally, rapping every single word to “Mercy” or “Drunk in Love” is frowned upon. Not last night. I was embraced and hugged and smiled at and a few girls joined in and suddenly I was a part of a pink and blue rap crew, loving life.

I’m not saying sorority life is for everyone, but you should give it a try. I never understood my advisors when they said “trust the system”, but they’re 100% right. The system, as effed-up and confusing as it is, works out in the end. Everyone is where they’re supposed to be, and you feel good wherever you are because, in the end, they’re the ones that wanted you. They. Wanted. You. And that’s a damn good feeling if you ask me.

I’ve always wanted to be wanted, and now I have 130+ girls literally jumping at the chance to get to know me. I hugged random girls today who told me they were so happy I’d chosen DG. The more I heard it, the more I became happy  I chose DG, too.

What I will say about sorority life is give it a shot. Give it a chance to change your life, and it will. You have to remain positive, remain smiling, and remain calm. Also, have an open mind. I beg this of any and all Potential New Members. Open Minds lead to happy sisterhoods.

Trust me on this.




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